Trash Cart Program

This fall, every household in Longmeadow will receive a new, FREE 35-gallon trash cart! Please continue to check back for more information.

Toter Cart

Dear Resident,

Thirteen years ago, Longmeadow adopted a Waste Reduction Program with goals of decreasing trash, increasing recycling and reducing costs. By limiting the amount of trash collected to 35-gallons each week and charging for excess trash (blue bags), the program provides an incentive to increase waste diversion and recycling, and provides a more equitable system for sharing costs.  Households that generate more trash pay more. 

This program has been extremely successful in accomplishing our goals. In the years since its implementation, however, many residents have replaced their barrels, often with larger barrels, exceeding the programs defined trash limits. This has resulted in increased trash amounts, decreased recycling totals, inefficiencies in trash collection and inequities in shared costs.  We know from the experience of other communities that the use of uniform wheeled trash carts is a simple way to impact all of these issues for the better. With that being said, Longmeadow DPW alongside Longmeadow Recycling Commission will be distributing Toter © 35-gallon wheeled carts to all households this fall.

Please review the Q&A document below to help answer any questions or concerns you may have. More information will follow as distribution approaches. As always, please call DPW if you have any questions at 413-567-3400.


Longmeadow DPW and Longmeadow Recycling Commission