SAFL Cheerleading for Grades 3-8

Recreation Team

This team is a great opportunity for cheerleaders to learn the sport and build upon their skills. 
Practice:  Monday Nights 6-7pm at the Community House and weekend football games 
Season:  August 20th- end of football season (mid to end of November)
Fee:  $150, uniform fee not included

Competition Team

Practice:  Monday & Tuesday 6-8pm at the Community House plus weekend football games and competitions.
Season:  August 20th -May 14th 
*Fundraising is required to cover competition and team costs
*Travel may be required 
*uniform fee is not included
Payment plan is available - broken down in 3 monthly payments (Sept 1, Oct 1, Nov 1)
Fee: $575
This does not include Uniform, Equipment or Competition Fee's.  You will initially pay a fee or $150 for the recreation team and once evaluations are completed and the child is chosen to join the competition team the additional $425 will be added to your balance.  
Tumbling Class:  Cheerleaders are required to sign up for tumbling class at AirTime Gymnastics (our team takes tumbling class together Wednesday nights from 5-6pm.  This class is an added cost of $75 per month.  
Class and competition attendance is mandatory throughout the season.  Extra practices will be added prior to competitions.  

*Fee assistance is available to qualified residents and a confidential application is available in the parks & recreation office or on the web


Cheer evaluations will take place on Monday & Tuesday June 4th & 5th from 6-8pm at the Community House.
New and returning cheerleaders must attend.  Based on the evaluations, coaches will determine placement in either the recreation or competition team.  Cheerleaders will be evaluated on jumps, motions, stunting, cheer, and tumbling ability.  A minimum of a back walkover is required for competition team.  Exceptions will be made for cheerleaders enrolled in tumbling classes to learn this skill and excel in another area.  Cheerleaders only wanting to join the recreation team must still attend evaluations.  A fee of $150 is required prior to evaluations.  If the cheerleader is asked to join the competition team the remaining balance of $425 will be added to your amount owed.  a 3 month payment plan is available. **This evaluation is mandatory**

Uniform Sizing

Wednesday June 13th from 6-7pm at the Community House- All cheerleaders needing new uniforms must attend.  If you have old uniforms you would like to sell please have them setup for 6pm.  


for registration or additional information visit online registration

Cheersport 2018
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