Retiree Health Insurance

All rates for Retirees are on the same Rate Sheet however you will have to select the correct side-by-side comparison for your situation.  Retirees on Medicare and Medicare Supplement Plans with a November Open Enrollment select the Senior Plan Comparison and Retirees who are non-Medicare Eligible or under 65 select the Health Plan Comparison

Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 32B, Section 18A states "The government unit may, from time to time, request from a retiree, a retiree's spouse or a retiree's dependent, proof certified by the federal government of eligibility or ineligibility for Medicare Part A and Part B coverage."

M.G.L., Section 26 states "An appropriate public authority of a political subdivision which has undertaken to provide health insurance coverage to its subscribers under this chapter shall conduct an enrollment audit not less than every 2 years."

Requests to Enter the Town's Plan for Retirees/Spouses not currently covered